RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions are software systems that automate manual and repetitive tasks. They are designed to mimic the actions of a human user, such as clicking links, entering data, and navigating websites. RPA solutions can be used in a variety of industries to automate processes and improve efficiency. These solutions can be used to reduce costs, save time, and improve accuracy. Additionally, they can be used to create data-driven insights that can help increase productivity and drive decision-making. Examples of RPA solutions include automation of customer service processes, credit underwriting, customer onboarding, competitive analytics, invoice processing, automating excel based financial and HR processes.

The key benefits that RPA solutions offer
  • Automates tedious, repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more strategic, value-adding activities.
  • Improves the accuracy and speed of processes.
  • Reduces manual errors and the cost of labour associated with manual processes.
  • Enhances visibility into process performance.
  • Facilitates collaboration and communication between departments.
  • Streamlines processes to reduce cycle times and improve customer service.
  • Integrates with existing systems to provide a comprehensive view of data.
  • Increases scalability and agility to meet changing business needs.
Examples of common use cases, that we have implemented using RPA technology
  • Automating upload and download of Files to web apps
  • Generation and dispatch of reports
  • Manually Uploading data from excel
  • Uploading data manually from FTP or other sources
  • Reading emails and extracting content to structured format like JSON or XML for downstream processing
  • Reading emails and extracting attachments for downstream processing like invoice processing
  • Scraping content from websites and using it for processing and analytics
  • OCR solutions to extract data from Pictures as JSON/CSV/XML and use it for processing e.g. ID documents like Aadhar, PAN, SSN etc.
  • Extract data from PDF files and convert to JSON/CSV/XML
  • Use Vision AI to compare live pictures for authentication e.g. Liveliness check
  • Implement Chatbots using NLP Frameworks for automating support services e.g. statement request
  • Doing Video KYC to onboard a new customer
  • Convert voice to text and apply NLP to do sentiment analysis
Our RPA Delivery Framework:
RPA tools used
  • RPA Paid Tools
    UI Path, BluePrism, Open Span, Automation Anywhere
  • Python Libraries
    Python RPA Framework, PyPI, Request
  • OCR
    Amazon Textract, Amazon Rekognition, Google Tesseract, Google Vision, Asprise, ABBYY
  • Web Scrapping
    Beautiful Soup, Scrapy, Requests, Selenium
  • File Upload/Download
    Selenium, Python RPA Framework, RPA Tools
  • Email Reader
    Java, Python, UI Path, Other RPA Tools
  • Chatbots
    Python Chatterbot, RPA Tools
  • Vision
    Google Vision, Amazon Rekognition
  • PDF Reader
    Python, Nodejs Libraries
Use Cases
Secure Web Portal Data Scraping for Healthcare Provider
Problem Statement: UK based customer wanted to login into various recruitment web portals and download all job listings for consolidating and downstream processing – where profiles are matched to open jobs and recommended applicants are generated.
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ID verification using OCR for Financial Services
Problem Statement: India based Financial Services customer wanted to automatically extract data from uploaded PAN card and verify it.
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Market Data Scraping for Financial
Problem Statement: India based Financial Services customer wanted to automatically extract real-time market data and news from target websites for use in customer facing investment portals.
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Customer onboarding automation using OCR
Problem Statement: India based Financial Services customer wanted to automate customer onboarding process for Wealth management.
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Invoice automation using OCR
Problem Statement: India based customer wanted to bulk process invoices received over email from vendors and automate the upload of the invoice data into backend ERP systems for Accounts Payable.
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