The traditional business of the Print and Publishing industries is the mass production and distribution of information, in the form of posters, labels, envelops, cards, books, periodicals, newspapers and other printed matter. Print and publishing encompasses the production of printed material and related services, such as graphic design, labels business, envelops, postcards, etc. It includes the production of posters, labels, business cards, journals, and other printed materials, as well as electronic publishing services. The industry is highly competitive and there are a wide variety of services and products available. Companies that specialize in print and publishing may offer services such as layout and design, typesetting, printing, binding, and distribution. They may also provide digital publishing services, including digital printing, web-based publishing, etc.

Labels and Envelope printing services are offered digitally to B2B and B2C customers. Typically, the following systems are required to implement the end to end supply chain

  • eCommerce with shopping carts
  • Online Payments
  • Order Management
  • Digital and Print media creation, customization and personalization at scale
  • Order Routing to ERP systems for fulfilment
  • CRM for pre and post sales support
  • Analytics to measure TAT overall and at every step
  • Integration with Shipping Service Providers

The Table below Illustrates the Popular Solutions used in this Domain

eCommerce NopCommerce, AccuConnect, WooCommerce
Digital and Print Media Creation Adobe Indesign, Chili Publish, XMPie
Payments, CyberSource, PayPal, 3DSi
Order Management SAP, Hagen, Prinergy
Shipping Management USPS (Endicia), FedEx, UPS
Analytics Domo, AWS EMR, Amazon Redshift, Cognos, Spotfire
CRM Salesforce, Zoho, Kentico
Integration Tools Tibco, Mulesoft, REST APIs, Talend ETL, Vertex
Use Cases
Use Case 1
About the Company: Customer is a leading North American manufacturer of envelopes with over 100 years of experience and approximately 30 billion envelopes manufactured annually. It is engaged in the manufacture of various print-related products. The company's products and services include printed labels,
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