Why Choose Us?

If you need a job, don’t choose Extrapreneurs India. When you need a career, choose Extrapreneurs. We don’t give jobs! we build career!!!

At Extrapreneurs India, we have the best of the industry talent that has the engineering discipline on one hand and the open & learning environment on the other hand that fosters growth and innovation.

We don’t have managers, We have leaders, our leader’s first KPI is to build people and build organization. Our management culture is designed to help, mentor, support and groom young talent on the latest of tools and best practices, execute innovative proof of concept labs and help evolve solution concepts to working code in production.

Here is how we see our
Family Growing

We, at EPI, firmly believe that all employees need to engage in the Learning and Growth Zones to realize their full potential.

A strong mentorship program ensures constant guidance and clear sense of direction to upskill, address behavioral, soft skills and leadership gaps and evolve to being a better person.

EPI Global Culture & Core Values
  • Everyone is an enterpreneur
  • Endless opportunity for the individual who wants to take responsibility
  • Learn and Earn
  • Utmost transparency in building people
  • 360 degree feedback syatem
  • Direct access to the owner of the company
Aligning to Customer Business
  • Understand what is key to customer success
  • Short term & long term outcomes
  • Capital allocation for best value for money
Learning & Growing
  • Mentorship programs
  • Various training programs (technical & soft skills)
  • Career & interpersonal skill development
Holistic Wellbeing
  • Physical & mental health is as important
  • Short term & long term outcomes
  • Living a good like: The journey & the goal both are important
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